My Completed Book Series part 2/3 - Extra: Fallen movie review!!!

Hey guys! So... this is the second part of my completed series! 
Read the previous post about the first four series and come here for the next four!

5. The Immortals

Writer: Alyson Noel
Number of Books: 6

About this series.... I read all six of them... and also didn't like any of them... 😢😢 I probably have to learn to let go of books I do not enjoy... but I am also stubborn and don't want to leave a series unfinished! If you want a summary here is the link to goodreads for the first book as I don't remember anything!!!!!!

6. Fallen

Writer: Lauren Kate
Number of Books: 5

I have mixed feelings about this series! I enjoyed it but did not blow my mind! Also, the second book gave me the worst reading slump in the reading slumps history! I had been reading it for a year!!!!! 

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand......... I finally saw the movie!!!!! Many years have passed since I've read the first book, and I can't remember all the details... However it looked like a really nice book to movie adaptation! I can say that I enjoyed it! The characters are portrayed quite good but I expected their wings to be different!! Hahahah!!! Has anyone heard about a second movie too?

Read my review about the first four books here!
And my review about the fifth book Unforgiven here!

7. The Mortal Instruments

Writer: Cassandra Clare
Number of Books: 6

These are:

 I have reviewed every book in this series for anyone who is interested! I love this series so much!!! I also loved the movie and I quite enjoy the tv series too, even though they have completely changed a lot of things... A LOT! I love everything that has to do with the Shadowhunter world and I can't wait for Lord of Shadows to be published!! I am a huge fan of Clare's books and she is one of my favorite authors!!! The cast of characters is huge and awesome! I love each and every one of them! I highly recommend them!!!!

8. The Infernal Devices

Writer: Cassandra Clare
Number of Books: 3

These are:

I loved it even more than The Mortal Instrument series... If it is possible!!! My heart still aches for Jem, Will and Tessa! And the finale was the best finale in a series.... ever! It is in the same world as The Mortal Instrument series but several years before! 

See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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