My Completed Book Series Part 1/3

Hey guys! I decided that it was about time to share the book series that I have managed to complete, because some of them are really good and I would like to share them with you! So... I have read 11 book series! Not bad I believe... right? In each post of this series I will talk about 4 of them by chronological order mainly! Originally I also counted the Robert Langdon Series by Dan Brown but had to remove since a 5th book is coming out in October! Yay!! So excited!

1. Harry Potter

Writer: J.K.Rowling
Number of Books: 7 (main books) 

Enough said! Hahaha!!! This will be my number one favorite series forever!!!!!! These were the books that got me addicted to reading! The story, the characters, the fantastic magical world... I wished so many times this world existed.... and it does... on Pottermore! 😍 I am a proud Gryffindor (or Thunderbird in Ilvermony) and my wand is a fir wood with a dragon heartstring core 13'' and hard flexibility. Oh, and my patronus is a grey squirrel! Which are yours? Share your house, wand and patronus in the comments below! 😄 I am so curious to learn about you!!! My favorite characters, well except from the three main friends, are totally Sirius Black, Lupin and Tonks! Ahhh.... I feel so nostalgic now and I haven't re-read this series for years... I miss them all!!! Hahaha!!!

For a full review about the 7 main books of the series click here!
If you also want a review about the eight script story Harry Potter and the Cursed Child go here!
And lastly, for review about the three books of Hogwarts' library visit the link here!

2. Twilight

greek edition

Writer: Stephenie Meyer
Number of Books: 4

OMG! I just realised that I have never mentioned this series before in my blog! (except for a brief mention in my last year's favorite book couples). This is a series you either love or hate. And I am not ashamed to tell you that I loved it!! I read it back when it was published and being a teenager myself it felt like reading the right series in the right time! This love story will always have a place in my heart and even though I was #TeamJacob I totally get that Edward and Bella were made for each other! If you want a detailed review about this series I could totally re-read it and discuss it with you! 😍 Everyone knows the plot story but in case you live in an other planet this is about a supernatural love story between a human and a vampire. It has great sense of humor, sexy werewolves and some annoying parts too! Hahaha!!!

3. Vampire Academy

Writer: Richelle Mead
Number of Books: 6

These were the vampire reading years!!! 😅😅 And an other of my favorite series that I haven't reviewed!! As the one coming next in no4... What is wrong with me???? 😱
This series has one of the best girl friendship between Rose and Lissa and also one of the best love stories! (Dimitri.... 😍) Don't judge them by its covers.... They aren't that pretty I have to admit... and yes I own three different editions because I bought the first one in greek but the rest in english and the last one was a gift by my friend in a special valentine edition as he knew that I was obsessed with the series! In this version there are the "good" vampires, called Moroi, which are mortal and have extra magical powers controlling the elements of nature: fire, water, air, earth and spirit. And there are the "bad" vampires, called Strigoi, which are evil, immortal and can't stand the sunlight. They are stronger than Moroi but don't have magical gifts. And there are also the Dhampirs, half Moroi- half human hybrids that have strength and endurance from their human side and enhanced senses and reflexes from their Moroi side. Their purpose is to protect The Moroi from the Strigoi.This vampire division comes from  Romanian folklore. The first book was also made into a movie but the did not continue with the rest of the series. 😔

4.  Tales of the Otori

Writer: Lian Hearn
Number of Books 5

If you are interested in feudal Japan and clans with ninja superpowers and assassins and great love stories this is for you! An other series I was and still am obsessed!! Even after all these years I have still so many feelings about the story! The world is amazing as I was always fond on Japanese folklore and the main character, Takeo is admirable to say the least! Loved, loved, loved this series!! I would also re-read it and review it if you are interested!!! 😍😍😍😍

All four of them deserve 5 stars for me and I always recommend them to my friends!!!! 
Have you read any of them? 

See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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