March Wrap Up and Favorites!

Hello guys! In the beginning of each month I like to share my top 5 obsessions of the last 30 or so days...! 😋
Continue reading for my March picks!!

1. Book

So... as you have probably read in yesterday's post this was not a good reading month for me! I only read two books which were:

Even though the one star difference I quite enjoyed both of them but they didn't blow my mind. I slightly liked the King's Cage more, mostly because I was already drawn to the story and the characters! But The Glittering Court was a nice read too and I have already pre-ordered The Midnight Jewel, the second companion novel in the series, which comes out this year. On Goodreads it is said to be published on 27th June but on book depository the paperback edition comes out July 1st and the hardback May 1st! You are probably confused right now..... me too!!! We'll see when it'll arrive on my door!!!! Does anyone know really?

2. Song

I like sharing my favorite song each month! I love music and my music obsessions change each month too! Even though I was mostly drown by classic rock music which I love, my mostly played song this month was by Kygo and Selena Gomez.... It ain't me!! 😍😍😍 You can find my other favorite songs here

3. Decoration

I was obsessed with this candle as I saw it in many You Tube videos! I finally found it on H&M and you can find it here!


Except of singing in the shower and dancing in my apartment when I am alone which I think don't count as hobbies, I spent some time with the Harry Potter coloring book which I quite enjoyed! 

5. Tv Series

This month I spent a lot of time in front of my screen!! So I couldn't miss this category! I watch many series... and this month I watched mostly three: 
The Vampire Diaries which are concluded
Supernatural which is an all time favorite! and
Reign because I love all these related to history.
However, my true obsession was the documentaries by the historian-author-presenter-journalist Dan Jones referring to Britain and especially during the Wars of the Roses and the Plantagenet Kings. I HIGHLY recommend them!!!

I hope you enjoyed this month's picks!
Leave a comment with your obsessions!!!
See you soon!!
xoxo Joan!


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