Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy part 2 (6-10)

The Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy are a collection of short stories written by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan, Maureen Johnson and Robin Wasserman. 
Part 2 is about tales no 6-10.
Do not read this review if you haven't yet read The Mortal Instrument and The Infernal Devices as it is impossible to avoid spoilers for these two series!

Simon returns to the Shadowhunter Academy for his second year of training.

6. Pale Kings and Princes

More Sizzy in this one! We also get to know more about what happened to Helen Blackthorn after the events on City of Heavenly Fire as well as her parents' story as she knows it. I am excited to learn even more while reading Lady Midnight

My favorite quotes:

“This stupid weapons-shopping idea. Last time I take dating advice from Jace.” “You let Jace plan our date?” 

“This is how a faerie loves: with her whole body and soul. 
This is how a faerie loves: with destruction.
This is how a faerie loves: with a gift.” 

4/5 stars.

7.Bitter Of Tongue

Simon gets kidnapped...again! This time by faeries! While in prison he meets Mark Blackthorn, who is now a member of the Wild Hunt. I always wondered about Mark. I really like the Blackthorns.

Favorite quotes: (even though each time Simon speaks I know I am going to love what he says!)

“He'd probably been born with abs. Some were born with abs, some achieved abs, and some - like Simon - had abs thrust upon them by cruel instructors.” 

“Have a shower, Si," George urged. "Start the day refreshed. Maybe style your hair a little. It wouldn't kill you."
Simon shook his head. "There's a dead rat in the bathroom, George. I am not going in the bathroom, George."
"He's not dead," George said. "He's sleeping. I'm certain of it."
"Senseless optimism is how plagues get started," Simon said. "Ask the medieval peasants of Europe. Oh, wait, you can't."
"Were they a jolly bunch?" George asked skeptically.
"I'm sure they were much jollier before all the plague," said Simon.” 

4/5 stars

8. The Fiery Trial

Emma and Julian are about to become parabatai and Simon and Clary are the witnesses to the ceremony. But something weird is also happening! I don't know what it is yet but it made me want to read Lady Midnight ASAP!!!

Favorite quotes:

“Why send a letter when you can send something truly magnificent?” 

“Simon gave Clary a look that was supposed to mean: This is weird. She responded with a very clear look of response that said: Superweird.” 

5/5 stars! 

(Also Sam Heughan - Jamie from Outlander - narrates this audiobook!)

9. Born to Endless Night

Alec and Magnus are both in the Academy when a warlock baby appears in the doorstep!

I definitely didn't expect Alec to be so mature and be so protective of the baby! I am so proud he turned to be such a mature character! I really want to learn more about their little family! As well as why Magnus is banned from Peru?! Haha!
Favorite quotes:

"Bouncing will make the baby spit up with joy," said Robert.

"I wasn't aware", said Simon, "that there are any other girls in the world but you."
5/5 stars

10. Angels Twice Descending

This one was my favorite! The second year has also come to an end and the Ascension ceremony takes place! It's been many years since the last ceremony and I was really anxious about the whole thing!! You also get to know which shadowhunter name Simon picked! I got really sad to a point but my  heart found its place again! This is a usual effect when reading books by Cassandra Clare! She has become my favorite author! 

My favorite quotes:

“Also, for the record, only one of us has actually been a rat—and you’ll note he’s not the one crying.”

“The point wasn’t that you tried to live forever; the point was that you lived, and did everything you could to live well. The point was the choices you made and the people you loved.” 

5/5 stars!

I totally recommend everyone to read the tales from the Shadowhunter Academy before diving into Lady Midnight.


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