Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

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So today I will share my thoughts on Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard! (Don't worry it is a spoiler-free review!)

This book takes place in the distant future! But our world isn't as you could expect. People are divided into two categories; the Reds ,who have red blood, and the Silvers, who have silver blood which gives them unique powers. Silvers live a happy, rich life while Reds are mostly slaves or sent to war.
Our main character is Mare. She has a power no-one has ever seen before, but she happens to have red blood. In a world where reds are planning a revolution to gain their freedom you could imagine what this means! Silvers are trying to hide her blood and they pretend that she is a long-lost daughter of a famous distinct Silver family. She has to live in the Silver palace and pretend to be everything she despised. Other characters in the book are her best friend Kilorn, the two Silver princes, Cal and Maven, as well as other Reds and Silvers. Great cast guys! A lot of amazing characters! 
The plot is really interesting and I could never guess the next move! I wasn't sure on which I could trust, just like Mare I suppose! Aren't you intrigued enough? 

I really liked this book but I was not 100% satisfied! 
For example, what is this war about? The book doesn't explain much of the world and its history but as it is the first one of the series, I suppose we will learn more details as the story continuous. 
I liked Mare as a main character but she was a little irritating now and then. I completely understood that she was thrown into a really dangerous game but she seemed to be selfish at times. Power is a dangerous game.
However, I really liked both Cal and Maven. The first one mature and determined, the second one impulsive and passionate. Until the end I could not choose which one was the best!!!! I really shipped both of them with Mare...! Hahaha!!!  

My favorite quote was this:

Because literally, this book created some trusting-issues I never had! 

Fun fact! I was really impressed that the capital was named Archeon as it is a greek word which means ancient! And did you know that there is  a greek city named Volos and a greek island named Samos? It was fun reading about Volo Samos and his family! 

I also read that will probably be adapted to a movie which I really hope it is true!!!!!

I rated this book with 3.5 (maybe even 4!) out of 5 stars because I liked it but I expect more things from the sequel!
I totally recommend it though! It was a really nice journey and I want to know where the story goes and how the characters develop!

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  1. Great review! It makes want to give the book a try since I heard/read mix review.

    1. Thank you! Yes, there are really mixed opinions about this series! If it seems interested give it a try!


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