Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Let's talk about Passenger by Alexandra Bracken!! (spoiler-free!) It it the first book of a duology and got published in January of 2016.

How would you react if in one night your whole world changed? Because that is what happened to Etta Spencer when she woke up in a pirate ship in the middle of the Atlantic in 1776!!

She was kidnapped from her own time in order to find an old and powerful relic for the head of Ironwoods, a famous traveler family. Only she is capable of finding it and Nicholas Carter is there to help her on this dangerous journey through different places and time-periods.

I really liked both main characters, Etta and Nicholas, and I enjoyed how we got things from both views. Etta is really determined and courageous. She sets a goal and goes for it.
Nicholas is totally a man from the 18th century! I liked his character soooo much!  Being black he had to deal with the racism of that time and do everything to earn his freedom and respect from others. The most important fact is that he is a pirate!! 

At first I didn't like how their romance seemed to be insta-love but I kind of changed my mind when I realized that this had nothing to do with their relationship. Each one stayed true to their goals and beliefs and they had real struggles accepting those feelings.  It was fascinating reading what each one thought. 

The ending was ah-mazing! I already look forward for the second book and I feel sorry that we have to wait for a whole year!!! 

I totally recommend it to those who like time-traveling, pirates, adventure and romance! This book has everyone covered!

My favorite quote:

I rated this book with 4.5 stars!

This is the first book I read by Bracken and I totally enjoyed her writing style! It made me want to check out her other books. I heard that The Darkest Minds trilogy is really good! 
If anyone has read it please tell me your opinion!

Goodbye and thank you!!!
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