The Cousins' War Books 1-4 by Philippa Gregory books and series review!

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 This is a post about the books that I've read by Philippa Gregory! First of all, let me tell you that she is one of my favorite authors as I am a huge fan of historical fiction and I love her writing style! I started this series back in 2014 and I read the fourth book this month. When I like a series very much I keep on stalling reading the sequels... crazy right? Definitely one of my bookish goals for 2016 is to finish the series I have started reading!!

Philippa Gregory is an English historian and writer. You can learn about her and her books in her website, which is pretty amazing, here.

Well, about two years ago, I happened to watch The White Queen mini series, and I got obsessed to the story and the characters! Definitely, 10 episodes were not enough for me so I decided to dive into the books as well! The series was unique! Every character was as if he or she was born for that role! King Edward was so handsome and fierce! Queen Elizabeth was amazing and she also had that mystical magical air around her, just like her mother Jacquetta. The script and the production were perfect!! The series also stayed true to the books, something we don't see very often. I highly recommend everyone to watch it right now!!!

Now, let's talk about the books!

The first four books of the Cousins' War book-series talk about the events taking place in England during the times of the War of the Roses, as seen by four women who lived in that period and whose lives were directly linked to the events. Even if they live in the same period more or less, every book is a unique experience! You have to read each one in order to have a full experience as why each character acted the way they acted and understand the story better. I will review them by the order that I have read them!

1. The Lady Of The Rivers

This is book #3 but I decided to read it first as it is the first chronologically. It follows the life of Jacquetta Louxembourg from her youth (1430) till 1464.
After the death of her husband , the Duke of Bedford, she marries the man she loves, Richard Woodville, and gives birth to fourteen children! Her oldest daughter is Elizabeth Woodville (which later becomes the Queen of England). Jacquetta becomes close friends with Queen Margaret of Anjou and is loyal to the house of Lancaster. But everything changes when the King slides into a mysterious sleep and Richard, the Duke of York, threatens to steal his throne. Jacquetta has to fight along her friend but also do whatever needed to keep her family safe. 
Of course I rated this book with 5/5 stars!

2. The Kingmaker's Daughter

 This is book #4.
Anne Neville is the daughter of Richard, the Earl of Warwick. Having only two daughters (Isabel and Anne) Warwick is determined to put one of his daughters on the throne of England and become even more powerful. Anne is only a pawn in his political games and she finds herself between the houses of Lancaster and York.

I also rated this book with 5/5 stars!

3. The White Queen

This is book #1 and definitely my favorite so far.
This book follows Elizabeth Woodville, recently widowed when her husband Sir John Grey died defending the house of Lancaster. Her beauty and wisdom seduce King Edward IV of York who takes her as his wife and make her Queen of England, the White Queen. But as a former Lancastrian and a commoner she has many enemies at court and with the aid of her mother Jacquetta she has to give many fights in order to keep her power and protect her family. Definitely 5/5 stars.

4. The Red Queen

Book #2.
Margaret Beaufort is cousin of King Henry VI of England. Her son, Henry, is the third in order to the throne of England and when Edward of York steals the throne she is determined to do whatever it takes to restore her house of Lancaster to the throne. She believes God is with her, and her son is the true heir of England. Her only dream is to sign her name as Margaret Regina, and become the Red Queen and she knows she can achieve exactly that!!
Margaret is the most determined of the four women. She is also the most irritating!! Hahaha!!! I really understood why she acted the way she did though!
I rated this book with 4.5/5 stars only because I am loyal to the White Queen!!

This book-series also contains:
Book #5: The White Princess
Book #6: The King's Curse

I intend on reading them soon so stay tuned!
I also own The Taming of the Queen and I heard that another book is coming out this year named Three Sisters, Three Queens as part of the Tudor Court Series!
My goal is to read all of her books in the following years as I love her work and I always enjoy her books!!

Which ones have you read?? Write on the comments below and tell me which one I should read next!
 Thank you very much for your time!!! :-) Goodbye!!! 

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