Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

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Hey guys! 

This book was a surprise to me! I didn't expect to like it as much as I did!! I read it during Christmas holidays, ideal time for some snow!!

In this world there are eight kingdoms: four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer,Autumn) and four Rhythms (Cordell, Paisly, Ventralli, Yakim)  as well as the unclaimed Rania Plains. Each one has a King or a Queen who rules by drawing magic out of a conduit. Our story mostly takes place in Rania Plains, Cordell and Spring! I love this fantasy world Raasch has created! Season kingdoms? Yes, please!!! I hope we learn more about all of them in the next books cause I really want to "travel"everywhere!!

Spring has conquered Winter by killing the Queen, cutting her conduit in two pieces and enslaving her people to the mines. The few Winterians left are trying to find the two pieces and restore their magic in order to free both people and kingdom. It is an interesting story, full of action!! Literally, action starts from page one till the last one!

There are a lot of characters in the book! The ones I find to be the main ones are Meira, Mather, and Sir. Each one plays a unique role in the book! 
Meira is a 16 year old orphan girl and an aspiring trained soldier ready to give everything for their cause! Mather is their king to be but that doesn't prevent him from fighting for his kingdom and taking part in dangerous quests. They grew up together and got really close but both know that when the time comes, they could never be something more than friends.
Sir is their mentor. He is the one organizing the group of the few of them left. With his wife he raised them and trained them to fight back Spring. 
Another favorite character of mine is Theron, the young prince of Cordell. He gives without expecting something in return. He is strong and loyal. And, well ok, he looks hot too!

My favorite quote:

I rated this book with 4.5 out of 5 snowflakes!! And cut half a snowflake only because I am sure the rest of the series is going to be amazing!

I hope that they are going to make a movie out of this book because that would be awesome! I am more than eager to read what is going to happen in the next book! Ice Like Fire is already out and I can't wait to pick it up! What is your opinion about Snow Like Ashes?


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