The Falconer by Elizabeth May

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Hey guys!!

It may took me some time but I read The Falconer by Elizabeth May!
Having an amazing cover and taking place in Scotland was everything I wanted to start reading this book!

The story takes place in Edinburgh,1844. Our heroine, Aileana Kameron (isn't that a great name? - Love it!!!)  is an 18-year old, daughter of the Marquess of Douglas. Having seen her mother being killed a year ago by a faery, completely changed her life. She is now a faery-hunter, a killer, a Falconer. The last of the Falconers actually! This last year was spent training with her faery-mentor (not a human killer!) Kiaran MacKay,  and now it's time to take action, revenge her mother's death and save Scotland!

I enjoyed this book! I found the story really interesting, even though it was kind of slow in the beginning.
Aileana is a fierce character but being a woman and a faery hunter in this time period is a struggle!!!
 It also seemed really weird to me that an 18 year-old invented so many things that weren't compatible with the time period (or actually that's what I thought!!!).
Kiaran really confused me! I didn't know what to expect from him! I loved that fact of his character though! He was soooo mysterious. He was in the same time hot and cold, good and evil! Is there a chance he could end up with Aileana? Don't know!!! Really!!!
Gavin, Aileana's childhood friend, returns to Edinburgh after many years absent. Aileana may had a crush for him in the past but now so much has changed for both of them. However, I couldn't help myself but hoped for their relationship to grow romantic again! 

 I would love to see more of Edinburgh and Aileana's lifestyle! We don't get to see many descriptions of this time, which I would love! But this is more due to my passion for Scotland and Victorian era.

The end of the book? Cliffhanger!!! Didn't see this coming! And despite the things I didn't enjoy much in this book I will pick up the next one which is expected to be published on June 7th 2016! (almost three years later that the first one!)  

Favourite quotes:

"They think I'm the only monster in their midst, but the real danger is the one they can't even see."

"while knowledge make men atheists, science brings them back to religion"

"A lie is best told with a single grain of truth, a factual hook on which to hang the falsehood."

"I want to be there with you until the end."

"Sometimes the memories we cling hardest to are the ones that hurt the most."

I gave this book 3 out of five stars! Leave me a comment with your own bookreview, favorite quotes or your opinion!!!


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