Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

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I read this book some time ago and I liked it so much!! And if you are like me and love everything that has to do with Scotland, fantasy and romance you have to read it too!!

This is the first book of the Doon series, which contains four books, three of them already published! It is written by two amazing authors Carey Corp (who writes the Mackenna parts) and Lorie Langdon (who writes the Veronica parts). 
It is actually a young adult retelling of the musical Brigodoon.

The story is narrated by two best friends, Veronica and Mackenna who travel in Scotland for summer vacation and found themselves in a magical kingdom, Doon, through the bridge of Doon which opens only once every one hundred years. There they meet two Scottish princes, Jamie and Duncan and together they have to save the kingdom from the evil witch!

First of all, I really loved how different Mackenna and Veronica are!

 Veronica is more sensitive and really afraid to put herself out in the world. But through her adventures in Doon she realizes that it is ok to chase her dreams and the life she always knew she wanted.

 Mackenna on the other hand is more fierce, sometimes putting logic over her heart! She is a really loyal friend to Veronica and always willing to help her!

Jamie and Duncan are also really interesting characters. The plot seems rather simple but it was a really fun read and I enjoyed it! Especially in the end of the book I was so anxious to see what would happen and it left me both happy and sad for different reasons! I will definitely pick the other books of this series as well! 

I also found really interesting that the Bridge of Doon really exists!! I wish I knew about this place before my trip to Scotland two years ago!! It seems so amazing and has that mystery around it! It could definitely be a portal to a kingdom from the Renaissance period! 

Would you cross the Bridge????

Me? Definitely yes!!

Here is also the book trailer of Doon by blinkyabooks! Enjoy!


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