Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

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Hey guys!!!
It took me almost a month but I finally finished reading Outlander! I have the old UK edition in which it is called Cross Stitch and has that nice cover with stones, probably of Graigh na Dun!

This book is the first out of eight books in the Outlander series, written by Diana Gabaldon. The author has announced that there will probably be a ninth book to the series as well as a prequel book referring to Jamie's parents! I learned about these books through the TV series on starz. 
There are three main reasons why I loved this book:
1. Time-travelling!
2. Romance!
3. Scotland!
I always love books that combine historical fiction with fantasy and romance!
The story follows Claire Randall, a married combat nurse after the end of the war in 1945, travelling to Inverness, Scotland with her husband as a second honeymoon. There, she encounters mysterious forces in Graigh na Dun which transports her in Jacobite Scotland of 1943, having to deal with Scottish clans that believe her a spy and the famous English captain Jonathan Randall, also known as "Black Jack", who believes her a traitor to the English throne. She also meets there a young Scot by the name of Jamie Fraser and having already been married in her own time, she is now torn between fidelity and passion.
The plot of the book is amazing!!! I read 864 pages and it wasn't tiring at all!! And that ending was... I can't describe how I felt because I'm afraid I might spoil!!! Hahah!!
Claire is a really fierce woman, a fact that usually gets her into trouble! She is very compassionate and her skills as a nurse are really useful and make others respect her. 
Jamie is the man every woman looks for! Not only for his looks, but for his love, his passion, his loyalty, his strenght!
Black Jack. How I hate him!! Gabaldon described him so real in the book! Every time his makes an appearance you know something bad is about to happen!!!!
The relationship between the main characters is developed in an amazing way! Of course there is a great cast of characters in her book, each one with his one background and purpose! I loved this!

I was also surprised that the tv series was really accurate comparing to the book! But if you have already seen the series believe me that you still have to read it! It is a totally new experience, plus you get to be a part of the outlander world once more before season two airs! The actors are all amazing and even the author has a small part as Iona MacTavish on episode 4!

I will 100% pick up the rest books of the series! Thinking about reading them while season 2 airs but I haven't decided yet!

My favorite quote of the book was : "You have my name and my family, my clan, and if necessary, the protection of my body as well."

I wish I had discovered it some months earlier before I did, because the previous summer I visited Scotland and I would love to visit all these amazing places! I however visited Inverness!! Scotland is so beautiful! I wish to revisit in the future!

Inverness- July 2014

 Have you read any of these books? Waiting for your comments!!!!


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