The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings

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Hello everyone!!!

A couple days ago I finished reading the Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings!

From the title you could tell that this book is full of blood and you wouldn't be wrong!

Even though I don't read this kind of books almost never, I liked this one! I can't believe that it was written by a 18th year-old girl!! NO WAY!!!

 I have it as an e-book even though I totally prefer the kind of books that you can hold on your hands! 

It is a weird story... 
In this dystopian world, murder rates are higher than births and you don't know when you will be killed!! Meadow is a 16 year-old girl trained by her father to survive at any cost. Zephyr on the other hand is an orphan (ward) who keeps his head low and tries not to attract any attention. In some weird way he is trained to kill! The story gets interesting and complicated when they meet each other and fall in love! Their romantic relationship isn't developed as I would like to see it but I enjoyed it nevertheless, and there is so much action that it didn't bother me not to have a full view of their relationship! 

One of the things I found interesting about the main characters is that I expected Meadow to be more sensitive and scared and Zephyr to be fearless and strong and confident but is was the exact opposite! 

I was feeling a little lost at the beginning of this book but everything got more clear later.
Well... not all, because this book ends in a cruical point!!!!
 Lindsay also wrote The Fear Trials which is a prequel to The Murder Complex and The Death Code which is the second book of the series and comes out this month ( May 26, 2015)!! I will read them too, hopefully in the near future, and I totally recommend it to those who love dystopian worlds, action and blood (in books of course!).

I wish I could say more but I don't want to spoil you guys!!! 

Till next time...


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