The Mortal Instruments #2 City Of Ashes by Cassandra Clare!

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Hey guys!!! 

-greek edition-

That was the last book that I read on the month of April!! And definitely it was  a good ending!! Like City of Bones, I also loved City of Ashes! As the story continuous I find myself drawn into the world Cassandra Clare has created!

I'm not going to get into any detail as I don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't yet read City Of Bones but in general the story focuses on Clary, a teenage girl who tries to get used in a world she has just stepped in! She is a shadowhunter; half human-half angel, and all she wants is to find a way to cure her mother who is in a coma and help her friends stop the evil apostate shadowhunter Valentine. 

In the second book more things are revealed but more questions are also created living the readers with the urge to read the third book!!! and that's what I did!! I am currently reading the City Of Glass and loving it too so far!

Also the "Shadowhunters" tv series has also recruited Simon and Isabelle apart from Jace (Dominic Sherwood).

Alberto Rosende is the new Simon.

Well, he is not as I had imagined him.  was closer to Simon that I had on my mind!! However I am willing to give him a chance!! (Hahaha!!!)

 was killing it as Isabelle in the mortal instrument movie.

Emeraude Toubia is the new Isabelle. She definitely looks like a sexy and lethal shadowhunter! 

Can't wait to see which actress will be Clary!! 
Leave a comment with your opinion either about the books, the cast or the movie!!!

I am also thinking on creating my own booktube channel!!! Do you have any advice??

Till next time...


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