Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes - book review

I am sure that I am the last to start reading this series.What have I been  doing these last years????? Honestly, I don't know!!!!! And if by any chance you haven't read that either let's start reading this series together!!! 

Edinburgh Heir by Alisha Klapheke - book review

Hey guys! Happy April! 🌸This is the second book in The Edinburgh Seer book series by Alisha Klapheke! Make sure to buy the whole trilogy from Amazon for only $1.23 before it's too late! Also, go read my review here of the first book and then come back here to discuss with me the second book!

Fitness Friday - Homemade Oat Bars recipe

I love fitness bars! They re easy to make, there are tons of recipes, million ingredient combinations and healthy first of all!!! Here is the recipe I've been using this year! They are amazing!!!!! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen me making them on my story!

Sightwitch by Susan Dennard - book review

This is a prequel to Truthwitch of The Witchlands novels by Susan Dennard! You can read it prior to Truthwitch and start the series from here too, even though the main world-building takes place in the first book of the series.

Edinburgh Seer by Alisha Klapheke - book review

Hey guys! New book review today! Edinburgh Seer! The first book in the Edinburgh Seer trilogy by Alisha Klapheke.
Goodreads summary: A Seer, a spy, and the rebellion that will flip their world upside down. Outlander meets Mortal Instruments in this romantic fantasy set in a modern, alternate Scotland.
Βefore we begin let me inform you that right now the complete Edinburgh Seer trilogy costs only $1.23!!!!!!!

Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings - book review

Hello everyone! Here comes another book review for you! It is a 2018 release and I am sure many of you anticipated his one too if you are Sasha's follower on You Tube! Sasha is one of my favorite book-tubers and I wanted to check out her work! And about Lindsay, I have read the first book in The Murder Complex duology and had enjoyed it so I was glad about this duo writing together!