My bookish goals for 2019!

My bookish goals for 2019!!!! 

1. Well, each year I set a Goodreads goal and for 2019 my goal is to read 40 books! As many as I read in 2018, even though I believe to surpass it!!!

2. I want to read fantasy at about 50-60%, so that I will be able to explore new genres and also read more historical fiction that I really enjoy as well! Or else, I would get sucked in the fantasy world and read 100% fantasy for sure!!!! (Exactly like my January wrap-up coming soon.....)

3. I want to finish at least 7 book series! 

4. Also, I am reading 4 book series which are still on progress, so I want to read the 4 sequels that are coming out this year! Those series are: A Court Of Thorns and Roses, The Witchlands, The Androma Saga and The Daevabad Trilogy.

5. I want to read at least 12 books released in 2019!

6. I also want to read The Plantagenet and Tudor Novel series by Philippa Gregory! Only 5 books left! And maybe start her other series as I love her books!

7. I want to start reading Brandon Sanderson's books!!! The more the better! But I want to read at least 4 of his books!! Elantris and the Mistborn trilogy!

8. I have a TBR challenge that I want to stick to this year! This is to read 3 to 4 books from the following:
- one book I own for more than 2 years (tackle that TBR!!!)
-a greek book (I tend to read them faster as greek is my maternal language and I already own some greek books I want to read!!)
- a sequel! (We have to finish those 7 book series!!)
- a book from scribd! (since I pay for it I should put it into use!! Hahaha!!!!)
- a new release!

Combining all the above, I may have to read way more than the 40 books I planned on my Goodreads challenge!!! Hahahah!!! But as long as I read those 40 books, that would be still enough for me!Goal no1 and no 8 are my priorities right now and the rest will follow I believe!!!

Which are your own bookish goals for 2019? Share them below!!!

That's all for now!!!
See you next time!

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