April Favorites!

Welcome May!

Like every month this year, it is time to share my April favorites!
The only different thing this month is that you aren't going to read about my April wrap up and favorite book of the month because I didn't get to read any.... 😱😱😱 I have started reading Windwitch by Susan Dennard but haven't finished it yet... What was I actually doing this month? Keep reading to find out!!! 😝

1. Song

It is really fascinating how every month I have a different song that has stuck in my mind! And this month it is Rewind by Wingtip! It reminds me of summer and cocktail nights by the sea and all those chilling vibes...!

2. Fitness

I participate in the 2017 Bikini Series by Tone It Up!! It is an 8 week fitness challenge in order to get fit and confident for summer! But it is about so much more too!!!!! It's not too late if you are interested and you haven't already signed up! Week 2 has just started!! 😄😁😍😎

3.  Photography

This month I took a lot of pictures!!! Spring and sunny weather always get me inspired!! I may not have a professional camera but my phone does the job for now!!  I post them all on my instagram account (joan.ts) if you want almost daily fitness motivation, book suggestions and other random stuff!! 😜

4. PC Game

You got it! This one ruined my reading month! And it's The Sims 4!
I've been playing The Sims many years now! The Sims 2 was the first one...!!! I get so obsessed with this game! Even when I decide to play for an hour or two time passes so quickly that I can't even realize it! 

And last but not lest...

5. TV Series

My other obsession!!! I love a lot tv series but my favorite one this month is The White Princess!!! I've been waiting sooo long for this series!!! It is based on Philippa Gregory's novel "The White Princess" and it is about Elizabeth of York and Henry Tudor! Check here my book review!

That's all for now!
have an amazing month everyone and see you soon!!
xoxo Joan!


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