Doon #3 - Shades of Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Shades of Doon is the third book in the Doon series written by the amazing duo of Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon. Make sure to read Doon and Destined For Doon and then return here to discuss the third one together!

This book starts after the events of the previous one. Veronica is healthy after her mysterious illness and dedicated to live with her whole heart. Mackenna is also enjoying life in Doon building her theater with her love Duncan. However their lives are about to change completely! Someone is helping the witch of Doon to destroy the kingdom, this time for good! It seems that strange forces are sending the two girls back in their old world and things get crazy! It felt so strange to be back in real world! Especially when the two princes came to their rescue. There are some amazing scenes that you will love!

I really enjoyed the third book as much as the previous ones and the plot is building towards the end leaving me in huge anticipation for the fourth and final book!  As you probably know I love each and every character in this series and I am a huge fan of Duncan! He has an amazing personality and his sense of humor is unbelievable!! And Jamie, well he is the prince in every girl's dreams! Some times overprotecting but definitely in love with his queen. Vee and Kenna share this amazing female friendship that makes every reader want to become their best friend and be accepted in their squad! I just to want to cross that bridge too!!! 

I totally recommend this book to those who love fairytales and want a sweet romance in their lives! And lastly, to those who love Scotland and mythic kingdoms like myself!  

 I gave this book 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Some of my favorite quotes:

“What in the world are you wearing-is that my sock?" 
"Nay." With mock solemnity, he said, "it is a priceless token given to me by my most esteemed and beautiful lady. Her footwear is more precious to me than rubies or gold." 
I missed a step, laughing as I swatted his bicep. "Dork." 
"If my lady commands it, a dork I shall be.” 



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