The 5th Wave #2 - The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey

I read this book some months ago and it was about time to share my thoughts with you after all this time!! It is the second book of The 5th Wave trilogy by Rick Yancey.

This book is shorter than the 5th Wave but it is full of action! So many things happen that I did not expect at all!

First of all it starts after the events of the first book. Cassie has managed to save her brother and with a bunch of friends and Ben, they are hiding in an abandoned hotel waiting for Evan. But as Evan does not appear and the winter is approaching they start thinking about where they should go. And then chaos happens!!!! In this book we have different point of views but mostly Ringer's (which I did not expect at all!) , Cassie's and Evan's. I really can't tell more because I don't want to spoil anything but I totally recommend it if you want to read a dystopian novel!
Even though I liked The 5th Wave more, I quite enjoyed The Infinite Sea too! If you think that your questions from book 1 will be answered you are wrong!!! I left this book like what the hell just happened here? I can't wait for the second movie ( as I really liked the movie too) and of course the finale to the trilogy, The Last Star which I already own but haven't had the time to read it yet! 

I rated this book with 3.5 / 5 stars (or maybe 4?)

My favorite quotes:

“I found you, but in finding you, I lost myself.” 

“Somentimes you're in the wrong place at the wrong time and what happens is nobody's fault.You just want to feel bad so you'll feel better.”

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

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