Soundless by Richelle Mead

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I was really excited when I learned that Richelle Mead had just published a new book!! I am a huge fan of the Vampire Academy series and I ordered Soundless ASAP!!
( I also wanted to read the Bloodline series as well but I haven't picked it up yet.)

This is a stand-alone fantasy novel. It is about a young girl named Fei which lives in a village in the top of a rocky mountain. The only connection to the rest of the world is a zip line through which they receive food and all the necessary items to survive in exchange with metals from their mines. The other weird thing about this isolated village is that all its people are deaf! It was a nice experience reading a book where all the conversations took part in signing. It was something I experienced for the first time.
 And suddenly villagers begin to loose their sight as well, and metals aren't being extracted as before and food doesn't come up to their village. While hunger and terror is expanding in her village, Fei in one night, starts hearing again and sound becomes her weapon.With the aid of a miner she is about to start a very dangerous journey and try to save her village.

First of all, the book cover is amazing!! And I really enjoyed this book! I love chinese folklore and I liked the world this book takes place even though we don't actually learn many things about it.
Fei's character develops really well in the book. She may be a little confused and scared in the beginning but after a small push from Li Wei (the miner), she is unstoppable! I really liked both main characters and I recommend you should read it! It was a fun and quick read, with fantasy, adventure and some romance, ideal for those busy days coming Christmas season!

4 out of five stars!

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