November 9 by Colleen Hoover

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Hello everyone!! 
I read this book in three days! And that's because I had to take breaks to go to work! This book was amazing!! It's the first one I read by Colleen Hoover but definitely won't be the last!

The story is about Fallon ( an aspiring actor) and Ben (an author) who decide to meet each other every November 9 each year. The Goodreads summary is the best because it is supposed to be written by Ben:

This is a love story between a guy (me) and a girl (Fallon).
I think.
Can it even be considered a love story if it doesn’t end with love?
Mysteries end when the mystery is solved.
Biographies end when the life story has been told.
Love stories should end with love, right?
Maybe I’m wrong, then. Maybe this isn’t a love story. If you ask me…I’d say this might even be considered a tragedy.
Whatever it is—however it ends—I promised I would tell it. So without further ado.

Once upon a time…I met a girl.
THE girl.

I liked both characters so much! 
It was amazing to watch how each year changed them and how they grew to become the characters we see in the end! 
I admired Fallon's determination in the book! She may have some self-confidence issues but she chases after her dreams and nothing and noone can stop her! 
Ben on the other hand confused me a little! There were times that I really loved him but some things annoyed me too. I totally undestand why he acted the way he did but some things are just too much! You will know what I mean once you read this book! However, this didn't make it less enjoyable. He totally knows how to make a girl feel special and treat her like a goddess! Every girl would fall for him!

I recommend this to anyone who likes romance!
This is a book of ALL FEELINGS! You will feel sad and then in love and then confused and then happy and it is a great journey to follow Fallon and Ben through their young adult phase!

That's why I rated it with 5 out of 5 hearts! 

Did you like this book? Which book by Colleen Hoover do you recommend for my next reading? Waiting in the comments for your opinion and thoughts!!

 Till next time... happy reading!!


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