Get ready for Fit For Fall Charity Challenge!!

Hello Tone It Up Girls!!

I'm so excited that Fit For Fall Charity Challenge is just a day away!! I am so ready to rock this challenge and have an amazing time! Also, this year is totally different as the whole challenge is about giving back and practicing gratitude! It is so important to be present and appreciate everything you have been offered while working hard! 

Fall is usually a season full of changes both in nature and human behavior! Now it is time to re-read your 2015 goals, see which of them you achieved (and feel proud) and which of them you did not (yet!), or change the ones that don't fit anymore and set new ones to finish this year strong, confident and happy... or Fit Fierce and Fabulous!!

So.. are you ready for this year's TIU Fall Challenge?

Below are some tips I found useful each time I'm getting ready for a fitness challenge and I would like to share them with you! Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion or share your own tips and tricks!

#1 Subscribe and print the starter pack!

 Having a physical copy of your starter pack may make you believe you are taking this challenge seriously! Make sure to gather those fall flavors to keep you fit and incorporate K&K's sexy tips for success in your routine!

#2 Update your vision board!

Create a vision board that reflects your goals (long-term and short-term ones) and let fall take over! Print your 100forcharity or 150forcharity mile tracker, your gym program and the classes you want to attend this year, your goals for this month or the whole challenge and everything you want to achieve or inspire you!

#3 Choose a planner you like and start planning!

It is really important to have a planner that inspires you! It could be whatever you like! Personally I like to buy empty notebooks with a nice cover and use them as I like each time! For this challenge I chose this one because it has nice colors and says "Change always come bearing gifts!". I found this quote so inspiring!!  Use the first page to decorate as you like and make sure to write down you charity challenge goals! Plan your week ahead by writing down your workout schedule and your meals for each day! I also like adding challenges from Fit Fierce and Fabulous in my everyday life for that extra boost!!

#4 Make every mile count!

Download the Charity Miles app and start running!! I decided to run for save the children! I am so proud of the tiu community!! Let me know your running cause!!

Let's all have an amazing fall!! From tomorrow we can all get fit and try to make this world better at the same time!!!



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