Outlander talk - S03E03

Beware! Spoilers below!

Brianna is about 5 years old now. Claire and Frank have decided to lead separate lives but discreetly. Frank actually is in a relationship with a blond named Sandy. You know what...? I can't really blame him... Claire isn't in love with him and he needs to be with a woman who loves him. Claire on the other hand is only in a relationship with her studies. And when in her graduation party Sandy appears on her doorstep she asks Frank for a divorce but he doesn't accept because he can't lose Bree. On the contrary, he waits till Bree is 18 and ask for a divorce then!! Because Brianna is now an adult and he knows that she will follow him and Sandy back to England where he is offered a new position. How wicked!! And he is sure that Brianna will follow him as Claire is always absent on hospital! As you imagine Claire is furious!!! 
However, that same afternoon Frank was involved in a car accident and arrives on the hospital where Claire works DEAD! Yes DEAD!!!! OMG!! His plan to leave the rest of his life with a woman that loved him did not go as planned at all... By this part I believe we reach the part where season 2 ended where Claire takes Brianna to Scotland and learns that Jamie is actually alive! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE!!!!! 
P.S. I am sad for Frank... I haven't yet realised that we won't see him again... I hope for some flashbacks or something like this...!
I really hope for some scenes with Frank and adult Brianna! I want to see them together!

About Jamie now...
He is in prison, chained and reunited with Murtaugh! Finally we see him and he is alive!!! Even though ill and imprisoned...! Every prisoner respects Jamie and see him a their leader! William Grey, the english boy Jamie let to live before the battle of Culloden, is now a Major and has been transferred to Jamie's prison. They make an agreement to have a doctor check Murtaugh and himself unchained if Jamie translates what a man the english found on their way says, because he is found gravely ill and speaks english with gaelic and french mixed. Talking about a cursed gold they thought he held information useful for the Crown.
The ill man talks about a white witch, (Claire was known with that name in France) who has hidden the gold for the sake of him who is dead and her brothers and her home, and that all the MacKenzies are dead (we knew that). He also tells Jamie that the White Witch is looking for a brave MacKenzie and will come for Jamie! OMG!!!
Later, Jamie manages to escape and when Grey finds him , Jamie demands that he would kill me like he promised to do many years ago. Grey refuses and they return to prison. They dine together each week like Jamie did with the previous Major and they bond over their loss stories of loved ones.

When the prison closes and its prisoners removed (sent to the colonies), Grey takes Jamie away and send him to serve Lord  Dunsany in Helwater, giving him his true life back as Jamie did when they first encountered each other. He advice him though not to use his real name, as it is very recognised and hated by the english.

I am so afraid for the next episode! I will watch it tonight as I couldn't last night! I am so afraid that Jamie will love and eventually marry another woman! What if Leoghaire is there too???? I hate her!!! That's all for now!
See you soon!
xoxo Joan!


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