Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Lady Midnight is the first book of The Dark Artifices trilogy in the shadowhunter world. It follows the events of the City of Heavenly Fire five years later, and the main characters are Emma Carstairs, and the Blackthorn family. (Be careful! This review contains spoilers of The mortal Instruments finale.)
WOW!!! This was definitely the best book that I've read for 2016 so far! I loved each and every page!!!

The world of course was fantastic! I have said before that I admire the shadowhunter world so much and I would totally want to live in it and become a shadowhunter! Lady Midnight takes place in Los Angeles which is awesome because the institute has an amazing view to the ocean!

Emma Carstairs was raised in the Los Angeles Institute along with the Blackthorn family and became really close with Julian Blackthorn, her parabatai. As you may already know, her parents were killed during the Dark War, but she never truly believed that it was Sebastian's doing. When a lead appears that supports her theory, Emma is more than determined to solve this mystery and find the truth behind her parents' murders, even if the Clave won't allow it. I really love how Emma is strong, determined and carefree but also really present for Julian and his brothers.

So many things have changed for Julian in the last five years. With Mark and Helen absent, he is now a parent to four children. I admired his loyalty to his family and also the fact that he is an artist! He always seems to know what needs to be done and he would do anything for his family... and for Emma.
The romance between these two... OMG! It is for sure forbidden but none can deny that their love is pure and powerful.. total eros!

In this book we also get to know Julian's brothers which are unique, each one in his/her own way! (Go Ty!). Also, Christina Rosales, a transfer from the Mexico Institute, which seems to be the friend Emma needs so much besides Julian. And like any other book written by Cassandra Clare the cast is endless and every single character is just amazing!!! 

While reading this book my heart really tore into pieces and then came back again and then tore again etc... which made me want to read the sequel NOW!!! How can we wait for another year????? However, I am sure it will totally worth it!

I rated this book with 5 out of 5 stars, even though it deserves the whole sky!!! 

(The photos of the characters are from shadowhunters.wikia)
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