Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

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Hey guys!

 I recently read the first book of the Infernal Devices book series by Cassandra Clare;  Clockwork Angel.

The series is a prequel series to the Mortal Instruments series, and contains some of the character's ancestors as well as share some characters which are immortal and could make an appearance both in present New York City and in London in 1878,a short time after the peace treaties between Downworlders and Shadowhunters.

The story follows a 16 year old girl, Tessa Gray, who travels to England in order to find her brother and start a new life. There,she learns that she has the ability to shapeshift into any person even though she doesn't have any sign of being a downworlder witch and nobody knows how she has her abilities. She is drown into a world she never knew that existed and she has to accept her new self and trust and help the Shadowhunters in order to find her brother.

Will Herondale and James Carstairs are two best friends and parabatai shadowhunters who along with Tessa are the three main characters of this book. (Well, similar to the Mortal Instruments series there are also a lot of main characters here too but I personally find that these three make the difference!!)

Will really reminds me of Jace!!! They have the same fiery character and sense of humor. They both are amazing hunters and defy danger. Thank God they both have a parabatai which is more down-to-earth!! However, Jem isn't like Alec. Jem is a really kind and lovely young man, always willing to help those in need.

Well I can't say more without spoiling but I totally recommend it!!! It's really fascinating reading about shadowhunters in a time where women wore corsets and gowns and where supposed to more delicate creatures and incapable of things like hunting down demons!!!


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